Ans: The wrapping of data and function together into a single unit is called Encapsulation. Define Object with an example. The table is an instance of class Furniture. Class: Blue print of an object is called Class.

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Sunday, October 9, Iterations Q. What are iteration statements? Name the iteration statements provided by Java? Ans: Iteration statements are statements that allows a set of instructions to be executed repeatedly till some condition is satisfied. The iteration statements provided by Java are: for loop, while loop, do-while loop.

What is the difference between entry controlled and exit controlled loop? Ans: while loop is known as entry controlled loop and do-while loop is known as exit-controlled loop. The differences between these two loops are: 1 In while loop the test expression is evaluated at the beginning where as in do-while loop test expression is evaluated at the bottom, after the body of the loop.

Explain the difference between break and continue with an example. Ans: Both statements are used as a jumped statement. But there is a difference between Break and Continue statement. The break statement terminate the loop, but the continue statement skip the rest of the loop statement and continued the next iteration of the loop.

Compare and discuss the suitability of three loops in different situation? Ans: i The for loop should be preferred if number of iteration is known beforehand. Explain the term for loop with an example. Three statement separated by semi colons are placed with in the parenthesis. State one similarity and one difference between while and do-while loop.

Ans: Similarity: In both loops there is a chances to forget the increment statement inside the loop. Difference: In while loop the test expression is evaluated at the beginning where as in do-while loop test expression is evaluated at the bottom, after the body of the loop.

What do you meant by an infinite loop? Give an example. What do you meant by an endless loop? Ans: Infinite loop is an endless loop whose number of iterations are not fixed. Differentiate fixed and variable iterative type of loops. Ans: Fixed type of iterative loop is created when the process is to be repeated for defined number of times.

Variable iterative loop repeats the process till a given condition is true. Differentiate Null loop and Infinite loop. Ans: A Null loop does not contains any statement to repeat where as infinite loop repeats execution of the statements for endless iterations. What do you mean by delay loop?

Ans: A null loop is also called delay loop which does not repeat the execution of any statement but keeps the control engaged until the iterations are completed. Posted by.


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P10 Q10 7. Wap to accept 10 integer from a user in a single dimension array and sort the array using bubble sort. Print the salary details in tabular form including all the data. At the end print total of monthly salary and total of allowances. The function takes single subscripted variable tax[] as function argument with income tax amount of 8 salarid persons. Print average tax of all the persons along with maximum and minimum tax amount paid by the persons, 13 Write a program to initialize the following integer arrays.


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